5 Easy At-Home Teeth Whitening Tips


A bright, white smile can dramatically improve your appearance, but it can be a hassle to visit your local Costa Mesa dentist every time you have an event that requires a beautiful smile. If you know how to whiten your teeth at home, you can perform your own upkeep in between regular dental visits to our office.

1. Change Your Diet

If you regularly eat or drink foods that are known to cause teeth staining, you may end up with discolored teeth more quickly. Avoid too much coffee or sugary drinks, and choose foods that can actually improve the health of your teeth, such as apples or celery.

2. Use Common Household Products

You can use items you already have at home, such as baking soda or apple cider vinegar, to concoct your own teeth whitening recipes.

3. Try a Natural Remedy

There are many natural remedies a dentist Costa Mesa residents trust may endorse, including using coconut oil to rinse for 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Consider Over-the-Counter Products

Our cosmetic dentists may be able to recommend the best over-the-counter products for at-home teeth whitening, including strips and gels.

5. Brush and Floss Correctly

When you brush, you should use brush with soft to medium bristles, and brush in a circular motion to prevent weakening of enamel.

Contact Your Dentists In Costa Mesa

If your teeth are extremely stained and at-home remedies don’t seem to work, it may be best to schedule an appointment for an in-office whitening. Dr. Saghatchi and the rest of the dentists at Newport Dental Group want to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile that you desire. If you are a new patient and looking for a dentist near Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach or the surrounding areas, please see what others have to say about us and give us a call today for a consultation at (949) 574-0100!

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