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At Newport Dental Group, your dental health is our number one priority. Our doctors have years of experience providing excellent dental care to Costa Mesa and the surrounding communities, and we pride ourselves on our fun, friendly and welcoming office environment.
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Newport Dental Group Location 1835 Newport Blvd., Suite E267 Costa Mesa, CA 92627

We have recently switched to using distilled water in our water lines for doing our procedures.
As you know, distilled water has eliminated the bacteria from the water making dentistry possible under complete sterile environment.

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Why Your Teeth Need You to Keep Up with Drinking Plenty of Water
Posted on 5/15/2019 by Sean Saghatchi
We all know that water is one of the healthiest beverage options available, but did you know that water can actually benefit your oral health? Like the rest of your body, your teeth need you to stay hydrated, and these are a few ways that water can benefit your mouth. Strengthen Your Enamel Public drinking water has fluoride added to its sources. This is important for protecting the enamel. Fluoride is known as nature's cavity fighter, and drinking fluoridated water is one of the easiest things you can do to prevent decay. Water fluoridation is recommended by the American Dental Association, the American Medical Association, and the CDC. Neutralize pH Level When you eat and drink throughout the day, the pH level of your mouth will change. Coffee, soda, and citrus fruits are especially problematic, but everything will alter the pH to some extent. Water has an ideal pH value at approximately 7, so when you drink water after a meal, the water will work to stabilize the pH. This is why you should rinse your mouth out immediately after eating or drinking rather than brushing your teeth. Rinse Away Acids, Bacteria, and Debris Another reason that water is so good for your mouth is that it works to rinse away debris. A well-lubricated mouth is better able to remove food particles, plaque, bacteria, and acids before they have a chance to damage the teeth. Dry mouth can be damaging to the teeth and gums but drinking enough water will ensure that that the oral tissues remain well-hydrated. Additionally, water can take the place of sugary beverages that can lead to issues like obesity and tooth decay, so there are many good reasons to make sure you are drinking enough. Call us today to learn more about how water and other health improvements can benefit your smile....

Drinking Through a Straw on a Daily Basis Can Help Teeth Bypass Some Staining
Posted on 4/25/2019 by Sean Saghatchi
Staining of the teeth is common, and it happens more often than not, regardless of what you eat, drink or smoke. Due to this, many people want to know the many ways that they can reduce the chances of having staining happen on the outside of their teeth. This becomes a problem for many of those out there that want to make their teeth look their best but cannot keep the staining from happening. Straws might actually be the one thing that saves so many from the teeth staining that they don't want, here's why. Straws Help to Reduce Teeth Staining When you drink those things that you enjoy through a straw, this is reducing the contact that the liquid has with your teeth. This can reduce the amount of staining that is done on the outside of them. The straw delivers the liquid to the back of the mouth, instead of touching the front teeth, which are what people commonly see when you smile. Skip having to worry about the staining happening when you choose to use a straw for everything that you drink. While this applies to anything that has color in it, those that drink a healthy amount of water might also see less staining. This is because water provides a way to add moisture to the mouth so that it doesn't dry out, and is not colored, so there is no risk of it staining the outside of the teeth. Call Us Today to Find Out More Speak with our office today regarding whitening procedures and other methods to make your teeth really stand out and shine. We can help with just about everything that you need help with dental-wise, so you can feel confident about the smile that you have. Everyone should love their smile, you can love yours too with a little help from our office....

Do You Use Any of These Excuses to Avoid Flossing?
Posted on 4/15/2019 by Sean Saghatchi
Two of the keys to keeping your teeth and gums healthy is brushing and flossing daily. It is easy for people to remember to brush their teeth twice a day, but that is not always true when it comes to flossing. People seem to skip this part of their oral hygiene routine more than they should. They know they need to floss, but seem to find some excuse not to do it. It is time for people to stop using these excuses when they fail to floss. Overcoming the Excuses It is important to realize what people say when asked why they don't floss. They give a reason that they think is good. What they don't realize is that it is just as easy to overcome their reason. A little knowledge can make the excuse go away. There are often simple solutions to these common excuses. Many people claim they don't know how to floss. This is often true, but it is not a good reason to avoid flossing. Our dental professionals are happy to show a person how to floss properly. The internet can also provide help to learn the right way to floss. Another common excuse is a person says that their gums bleed when they floss. This does happen, but there are a few reasons for the bleeding. It is common that when a person first starts flossing, they may notice a little blood for a couple of weeks. The more they floss, the less of a problem this is. If the bleeding continues more than a couple of weeks, it is worth visiting our office to see if there is another problem. Bleeding is also a result of flossing too hard. Learning the proper technique can help with this. People also claim they can't get to their back teeth. This is often true, but we can teach people with this problem how to reach those back teeth. The most common excuse is also the most ridiculous. People say they don't have the time to floss. It only takes a few minutes and it prevents you from spending more time visiting our offices later. It is too important to make the time than it is to use this excuse. Flossing is an important part of a good oral hygiene routine. People need to stop making excuses and get to flossing. For more information about his, contact the dental professionals at our office....

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