Maintaining A Healthy Smile

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Am I Brushing My Teeth Properly?

There are many ways to go about brushing your teeth, but are you brushing effectively? This is something many Americans struggle with. Many Americans spend on average, just over one minute brushing their teeth, which is simply not enough. The American Dental Association recommends individuals to brush for at least two full minutes. Many people often use timers or their cell phones to make sure they hit this minimum amount of time but the results won’t go unnoticed!

  1. Tilt your brush about 45° at the gumline and brush debris away from the gumline.
  2. Be sure to brush the inside, outside, and top of each tooth.
  3. To freshen breath, don’t forget to brush your tongue!


Why Is Brushing My Teeth Important?

Brushing is the most important aspect of oral hygiene. There are many negative consequences if you decide to neglect brushing your teeth such as bad breath, yellowing of the teeth, and eventually tooth decay. Followed by these negative effects can come the worst, oral cancer. This can develop from the bacterium that forms on the food particles, which eventually penetrate within the gumline.

Can I Brush Instead of Floss?

No. Flossing should come first before brushing. This can loosen and remove the leftover debris in between the teeth, that way when you brush, everything is cleaned out including the exterior and interior surfaces of the teeth. Some benefits of flossing include:

  • Flossing helps eliminate bad breath
  • Flossing can help whiten your teeth and promotes healthy gums!
  • Flossing helps eliminate the chances of developing gingivitis and other gum complications

Everyone has a different level of sensitivity when it comes to their gums and teeth. This makes it important to communicate with your dentist to find out the best fit for you when it comes to your toothbrush and toothpaste. To find the best fit for you, call us today at (949) 574-0100 to schedule your free consultation!

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