Laser Dentist Costa Mesa

Laser Dentist Costa MesaNewport Dental Group employs laser dentistry for soft and hard tissues of the mouth. These lasers produce narrow beams of light used for removing, shaping or vaporizing tissue. Hard tissue lasers are used in the removal of a partially impacted wisdom tooth or decay.

Lasers have been utilized in dental care for decades.  They have been especially used to treat tooth decay, gum disease, and assist in teeth whitening.  They have been incorporated in these treatments because of their efficient application.  They help prepare the tooth to receive fillings as well as remove bacteria during root canals.

With laser dentistry, it is possible to remove small tissue samples that are used to diagnose tumors and lesions found in the tongue, gums, cheeks and lips.

Lasers are also preferred over other forms of surgery because of the ability to control bleeding during the procedure.  They may also limit the use of anesthesia because of their pain-dissolving properties.  Lasers may also help reduce anxiety of patients because they replace the use of traditional drills.  Another benefit is that there may be less swelling and discomfort due to the laser sealing blood vessels and nerve endings.

If you are in need of oral surgery or a biopsy procedure, please contact Newport Dental Group to determine if laser treatment is right for you!

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