Sedation Dentist Costa Mesa

Sedation Dentist Costa MesaSedation dentistry is the use of sedatives such as anti-anxiety medicine or general anesthesia to calm and relax a patient during treatment.

Sedative medication works by slowing the reactions of the central nervous system.  While patients may be conscious, their response to external stimuli are significantly decreased.  The result is a decreased sense of pain for the patient.

Sedation is used for patients who may have a phobia, strong gag reflex, medical condition that would prevent a patient from sitting still, lower pain tolerance, and for those who require extensive dental treatment. Sedation can be used on children and adults.

Sedation medications may come in a pill or liquid form, gas, such as nitrous oxide, or IV. The type of sedation to be used is determined by the patient’s medical history, needs and the dental treatment needed. The level of sedation ranges from fully awake, to “sleeping”.

The most common procedures that sedation is used for are crowns, bridges, root canals, periodontal treatment, tooth extractions, implants and fillings.

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