Top 5 Things To Do in Costa Mesa

At Newport Dental Group, our mission is to help our patients achieve the healthy, beautiful smiles that they deserve – but we also want to help them show those smiles off! For this blog, we’re going to detail five of our favorite fun activities here in Costa Mesa, CA.

Five Reasons to Smile in Costa Mesa, CA

1. Segerstrom Center for the Arts:
This is a world-class performance arts venue right in town. Check out a calendar chock-full of incredible plays, operas, musicals, and more!

2. South Coast Repertory Theater:
This is another performance arts space, but we just couldn’t leave it off the list. SCR is the premier live theater in Orange County, and no matter what you see there, you’re sure to have an incredible experience!
South Coast Repertory Theater
3. TeWinkle Park:
This is a fantastic place for kids! TeWinkle is a great local park with a fun play structure, beautiful trees and grass fields, a stream, and a fountain. Quiet and clean, this is perfect for a picnic or a party – it even has public restrooms!
TeWinkle Park
4. California Scenario:
This is a hidden gem. It’s a beautiful little sculpture park that’s easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it, but once you find it it’s a wonderful place to have lunch, take a stroll, or spend an afternoon.
California Scenario
5. The Lab Anti-Mall:
This is a fun excursion if you’re looking for a little shopping! It’s got some great trendy and artsy shops along with casual dining and nice outdoor seating. A very fun alternative shopping experience!
Lab Anti-Mall

Contact Your Costa Mesa, CA Dentist

Have more questions about things to do in the area or your dental health? We’re always happy to help! Feel free to reach out to us at our contact page or use our easy online form to schedule your next appointment at our office. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we hope you have fun with some of these great local activities!

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