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As you know, distilled water has eliminated the bacteria from the water making dentistry possible under complete sterile environment.

Why a Toothache Should Never Get Ignored

Posted on 3/25/2018 by Sean Saghatchi
Toothache Newport Dental Group CA 92627People have many reasons to attempt to ignore tooth pain. Dental anxiety, lack of insurance or lack of money are the most common.

Of course, it is more than worth finding a way to resolve these issues, as your dental health affects your overall health and your health is much too important to ignore.

That toothache will continue to get worse as the damage deepens with time and continued exposure to bacteria or whatever is causing the pain. Not only will the pain worsen, but the problem will become ever more expensive to resolve. Time is of the essence.

Dental Issues to Address

Cavities - Cavities are formed as bacteria turn into acids that attack the tooth's protective enamel and eat into the tooth.

Bacteria is allowed to reach the center of the tooth, and eventually the roots and deeper, causing infection resulting in pain and perhaps an abscess. Abscessed teeth have sent many people to the hospital and can be very dangerous.

Periodontal Disease - Gingivitis is inflammation in the gums caused by plaque buildup on the teeth and gums. Ignoring gingivitis will result in tooth loss and heightened risk for heart disease as it becomes periodontal disease.

Bleeding gums may also indicate the presence of diabetes, or can even cause gestational diabetes in women, so taking care to treat signs of gingivitis is vital.

Another big reason never to let tooth pain go unchecked is that it can be a symptom of a pending heart attack. Pain can be an indicator of many different issues, but, as common as it may be, it's not okay.

It is your body trying to call attention to a major problem that can lead to dangerous situations that are much more treatable if they are addressed early on. If you are suffering with tooth pain, call our office today to schedule your dental appointment and head off a much bigger amount of pain and damage in your body!

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