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The Damage Acids Really do to Your Teeth

Posted on 9/13/2018 by Sean Saghatchi
The Damage Acids Really do to Your TeethWhen you stop to think about foods that can damage your teeth, you probably immediately think about sugar. However, this isn't the only type of food that can cause damage. Foods and beverages that contain a lot of acid are also problematic.

In fact, there are some foods that are so high in acid that you should do your best to avoid them always. These include French fries, fried chicken, potato chips, Pop Tarts, red meat, pancakes, oatmeal, French toast, crackers, cookies, white potatoes, protein bars, roasted nuts, boxed cereals, white bread, pizza, margarine, coffee, citrus fruits (including juices), and beer - items that constitute a large part of the modern, American diet.

How Acidic Foods Damage Your Teeth

Acidic foods wear away the enamel on your teeth. This is one of the four major tissues that makes up part of your teeth. In this case, it's the part that's typically visible as it covers the outermost part of your tooth itself. When acids wear away at this part of your teeth this process is known as erosion.

It will not only change how your teeth look, but it will also open a 'doorway' for bacteria to enter your mouth. This can lead to the development cavities or it can also cause an infection in your mouth.

Caring for Your Teeth

Cutting back on the amount of acid you have in your diet is always a good thing. Obviously, you can't avoid all types of acid in your diet though. One thing you can do is to take steps to keep your teeth healthy anyway.

This means brushing and flossing your teeth daily as this will help you prevent enamel loss. It's also important for you to schedule an appointment to see us every 6 months for a regular checkup and routine cleaning.

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