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Why Do Teeth Become Sensitive to Sugar?

Posted on 12/25/2018 by Sean Saghatchi
Why Do Teeth Become Sensitive to Sugar?If your teeth are sensitive to sugar, it's common sense to cut sugar from your diet until you speak with one of our professionals. But what causes sugar sensitivity in the first place?

Don't Sugarcoat Cavities

Cavities are one of the first culprits to suspect when you develop sensitivity to sugar. Bacteria thrive on sugar, using it as fuel to decay and wear away your tooth enamel. When sugar mixes with saliva, it then becomes even easier for the resulting sugar paste to spill into holes in your teeth caused by previous bacteria, settling in on top of your nerves and causing intense pain that can be difficult to remove.

Treat Your Teeth Right

Even if you don't have cavities, if you don't care properly for your teeth, they will wear away over time. Flossing, brushing, using mouthwash, and monitoring your diet to avoid harmful foods and drink, all play a part in ensuring that your teeth don't ache unnecessarily.

As mentioned above, even if you are careful about sugar in your diet, it can be difficult to remove once in your mouth. A simple water rinse or dry brushing may not be enough to remove the sugar before it begins to decay, so commit to fully caring afterwards.

Some People are Just More Sensitive

If you are taking care of your teeth meticulously and have a clean oral bill of health, you may just be oversensitive to sugar. This is not inherently a bad thing, you just need to take other steps to take care of your mouth. We recommend brushing more gently with a softer bristle brush, especially around your gum line.

There are also desensitizing toothpastes out there that (true to their name) work to help reduce excessive sensitivity by covering dental pores, as well as mouthwashes and other products specifically designed for people with sugar sensitivity.

You likely have a lot of questions still remaining about your teeth, and the particular causes of their sugar-related pains. Please contact us today to schedule a time for us to have a discussion about your sensitive teeth!

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