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Is the Quality of All ADA-Approved Oral Products the Same?

Posted on 1/25/2019 by Sean Saghatchi
Is the Quality of All ADA-Approved Oral Products the Same?The American Dental Association (ADA) has promoted the effectiveness and safety of dental products for over 125 years in order to improve dental health.

The ADA awards a Seal of Acceptance to dental products that have passed a certain set of standards. While the quality of all products might not be the same even with an ADA seal, this award does mean that the ADA has screened the product and determined it is reliable.

What Does the ADA Test?

Dental products are not required to have an ADA seal, but the award certainly makes consumers feel more confident in the product that they are buying. To award the seal, the ADA looks at several factors:

•  That the product supplies a list of ingredients and any relevant information
•  Evidence that the company is in compliance with good manufacturing and laboratory practices
•  Product packaging and labeling reviews to ensure the product complies with advertising accuracy standards
•  Clinical and laboratory studies that substantiate claims about product effectiveness and safety

So, while products with ADA approval have all been determined effective, there is no ranking that indicates which one is the highest quality.

Why Should You Buy Dental Products with the ADA Seal?

Choosing a dental product with the ADA Seal of Acceptance is a wise purchasing decision. This choice will help you to feel confident in your dental product. You can feel comfortable regarding the safety of the product and will have peace of mind that it is actually working to keep your mouth healthy.

In addition to using ADA-approved dental products, you should be sure to keep on top of your dental visits. Give our office a call today to set up your next dental cleaning and evaluation. We can also help you to choose the right dental products for your oral hygiene needs.

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