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Some People Are More Prone to Getting Cavities Than Others - Why Is That?

Posted on 3/25/2019 by Sean Saghatchi
Some People Are More Prone to Getting Cavities Than Others - Why Is That?Most people will admit that they've had at least one cavity in their lives, while others have a mouth full of fillings. While there are certainly steps you can take to reduce your risk, some people are more prone to getting cavities than others. When you understand if you are in this group, you can take the steps needed to protect your teeth.

Genetics and Cavities

Cavities form when oral bacteria break down sugars. Throughout this process, bacteria can get stuck in crevices of the teeth, and decay may result. In some cases, the shape of your teeth or amount of saliva your mouth produces may make you more susceptible to cavities, both of which may be determined by genetics. Some people have naturally deep crevices in the teeth, and while this is perfectly normal, it makes it easier for bacteria to cause cavities.

What Can You Do?
While you can change your genetics, there are ways that you can protect your teeth. Good oral hygiene is the first step, as brushing and flossing will help to keep deep crevices free of plaque, debris, and other germs. Specifically, using toothpaste with fluoride can reduce your cavity risk.

Dental sealants can also help to protect your teeth against cavities, especially if you have deep grooves. This simple procedure involves placing a water-proof material into the deep crevices, and it hardens to form a protective barrier. These seals will prevent sugar and bacteria from getting into these gaps and causing damage.

If you suspect that your teeth may be prone to cavities due to genetics or any other issue, it is important to take preventive efforts. Give us a call today to set up a consultation. We'll inspect your teeth to look for existing signs of decay and can help to protect your teeth against future cavities.

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