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Do Any Foods Take Dental Stains Away?

Posted on 9/15/2019 by Sean Saghatchi
Do Any Foods Take Dental Stains Away?As you go through life, you will likely notice your teeth beginning to discolor and darken. Part of this is because they are becoming stained. Drinking things like coffee, tea, and wine can quickly change the color of your teeth, as can eating foods like blueberries.

What then, can you do about this if you are unable to have your teeth whitened? Well, the good news is that there are certain foods which can help reduce the stains on your teeth.

Foods that Whiten Your Smile

When considering foods that may help your teeth get whiter, look for fruits and vegetables with plenty of fiber in them. In particular, look at vegetables like celery, carrots, cucumbers, and cauliflower. In addition, consider eating fruits like pears, apples, and other fibrous foods.

All of the above foods contain high amounts of fiber. This fiber can gently scrub your teeth and help remove unwanted stains. Further, the compounds in these foods combine with your saliva to form a whitening compound that can act to break down stubborn stains left behind from your food and drink.

Other Options
Of course, if you are really wanting to get your teeth whiter, you should talk with us about your options. We are more than happy to sit down with you and explore the various foods you should be eating. However, our discussion won't stop there. We will also help you educate yourself on options such as whitening gels, toothpastes, and even certain types of whitening equipment.

If you have become dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth, you don't have to resign yourself to a life of hiding your smile. Instead, by combining diet with whitening treatments, you can quickly have the smile that you used to have. So, give us a call, and let us help you!

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