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Oral Health Benefits That Come Along with Regular Black Tea Consumption

Posted on 10/25/2019 by Sean Saghatchi
Oral Health Benefits That Come Along with Regular Black Tea ConsumptionTo maintain clean and white teeth, most people stay away from sugary drinks like soda pop, energy drinks, and coffee. If you are tired of brushing your teeth after a sugary caffeinated drink or your morning cup of coffee, you are in luck. In multiple studies, black tea is showing to have many side effects that complement good oral care. When you need that lift of caffeine in your life, order up some black tea.

How Black Tea Affects Your Teeth and Gums

As you drink your black tea, it lowers the bacteria count in your mouth. Black tea contains a large number of polyphenols, one of the main ingredients in tea, they are proven to slow the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Black tea also reduces the overall amount of acid in your mouth, further protecting your teeth from plaque.

Other studies show that black tea slows the decay in an infected tooth. Black tea's anti-inflammatory powers combined with its tannins help fight the bacteria that cause gum disease. In the process of fighting bacteria in the mouth, black tea helps with bad breath by ridding the mouth of odor-causing bacteria.

How Black Tea Helps Avoid Cancer

Antioxidants protect against cell damage in your mouth before cancer can begin. The polyphenols in black tea work to fight off cancer-causing cells located in the mouth. In a lab study of black tea, it has shown that the tea catechins (natural antioxidants that help prevent cell damage) act as powerful blockers of cancer in multiple ways. They round up oxidants before cells in your mouth can be injured. They block the growth of cancerous cells and reduce the size and scope of them.

The National Cancer Institute has ongoing studies about black tea. The information up to this point shows that making black tea a part of your everyday routine is beneficial. Our office is available to assist you with your oral care. If you need a check-up or would like more information to protect your mouth. Give our office a call, we would be happy to assist you where we can.

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