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Ways to Avoid Halloween Candy Damage

Posted on 11/15/2019 by Sean Saghatchi
Ways to Avoid Halloween Candy DamageWith Halloween approaching it can be a bewitching time for your mouth. We all love the fun-sized candy that can disappear with a large glass of milk, Netflix and a bowl of candy you snitched from your child's pillowcase.

As scary as the holiday attempts to be, the real scare is the damage that can quickly escalate on your teeth as well as your children. Our office would like to provide some helpful tips to assist you in making it through the witching hours with your teeth intact.

Some Friendly Tips and Dental Suggestions

The biggest offender of Halloween candy is going to be your sour candies, gummies, and those hard candies you suck on for hours on end. They bombard the teeth with sugar for hours, the sugar is quickly converted by bacteria into acid that starts eroding the enamel. Chose candy that can be eaten quickly. This will limit the time it's in contact with your teeth.

Have your children eat a small amount of candy in one sitting and follow it up with a glass of water and about a half-hour later, a good brushing. Make your children and most likely yourself, a large dinner meal before trick or treating. This will reduce the impulse for all of you to tank up on sugar that night.

After Snacking Tips

Chewing some sugar-free gum for about 20-30 minutes immediately following your snacking is incredibly beneficial. It helps reduce the amount of sugar remaining on your teeth while activating the saliva gland. Saliva helps wash the food away while also fighting the acid produced by bacteria. Always end the night with a thorough flossing, brush for 2 minutes and use a good fluoride mouthwash for at least 45 seconds.

Our office wishes you a great Halloween filled with laughs, scares, snacking and most of all a healthy finish. For further information give us a call, we are here to assist you with your oral health care.  

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