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As you know, distilled water has eliminated the bacteria from the water making dentistry possible under complete sterile environment.

What Exactly is Going on in a Cavity?

Posted on 11/25/2019 by Sean Saghatchi
What Exactly is Going on in a Cavity?A cavity is usually caused when there is an acidic environment in the mouth caused when bacteria mixes with sugary foods and drinks to bring about a strong acid capable of burrowing through the enamel of the tooth.

A cavity can greatly affect both the outer coating of the tooth and the inner layer known as the dentin. With time, the cavity grows bigger and deeper. Cavities are also identified as dental carries in some medical circles.

How a Cavity Happens

When foods containing sugars and starch such as bread, cakes, cereals, and even milk are left on the teeth over time, they can cause tooth decay. When the bacteria that live in the mouth digest these foods, what they do is that they turn them into acid. When the bacteria found in the mouth mixes with the food debris, acid and saliva, it causes what is known as plaque which is known to cling to the teeth. The acid found in the plaque creates holes in the teeth because it dissolves the tooth enamel.

When you postpone the visit to the dentist, the acid in the plaque will continue eating up the enamel and your tooth will begin to decay. A thorough examination can be carried out when you visit a dentist and we discover a cavity. Treatment of cavities usually depends on how bad the cavity is. When the tooth is badly decayed, the dentist will use a crown and remove all the parts that have been damaged. The crown usually used to repair the damaged part is made from a wide range of materials such as porcelain or metals such as titanium or gold.

Now that we have seen how cavities happen, whenever you get any signs like tooth sensitivity, sharp pains when eating or drinking any beverage, whether hot or cold, pain when you bite food, or when the teeth start to change color, you can always visit us to get help.

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