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Should You Eat Just Before We See You For an Appointment?

Posted on 2/29/2020 by Sean Saghatchi
Should You Eat Just Before We See You For an Appointment?Avoiding food before a dental appointment is one of the biggest dental myths. People constantly live under the delusion that we do not want you to eat before going for cleaning.

This is a very false claim. We advise to eat some food before going to visit your dentist. A couple of problems can occur when you skip a meal due to a dental appointment, especially if you are under prescribed medication.

When going for a dental appointment, eating beforehand can be a much better experience for everyone. First, eating food can cause your muscles to relax, making you less tense during the dental appointment. Second, if you skip a meal, the presence of our fingers in your mouth can stimulate the salivary glands. This will only complicate the dental appointment.

What are Some Good Eating Options?

To get sustainable and healthy teeth, we need to give them sustainable nutrition. Leafy vegetables like kales, spinach and collard greens have high concentrations of vitamin K, helping them strengthen your teeth. If you do not wish to engage in a solid meal, settling for green tea can be a good alternative.

Apart from the ability to lower acid levels in the mouth that slow down acid erosion, green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that prevent from gum from getting irritated. Green tea also has microbial properties that destroy bacteria causing bad breath. If you decide to focus on a calcium-based diet before your appointment, use the “milky way”.

What Not to Eat
Soda and sports drinks are some of the biggest enemies your teeth have to face every time they get exposed to them. The acidity present in these beverages is responsible for the eating away of the enamel and any completed filling. If you really need to have some sugary soda, although still not recommended, settle for root beer instead. It has a more basic pH value.

If you still have issues going over what to eat, we are always glad to help our patients make the right and informed decision. Call us today to find out more about eating healthy before your dental appointment.

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