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Adults Need Dental Sealants Nearly As Much As Kids Do

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Sean Saghatchi
Adults Need Dental Sealants Nearly As Much As Kids DoDental sealants are a thin layer of protective plastic covering that is etched onto the teeth to guard against cavities and other dental issues. Coupled with regular oral practices like brushing and flossing, dental sealants give you all you need to protect your teeth against cavities and other similar oral problems. They protect your enamel, especially those of the molars and premolars from wear and tear resulting from chewing, hard brushing, and acidic foods.

They come in color tones that blend perfectly with the color of your teeth, shielding them while remaining inconspicuous. 

It's important to stress, however, that no matter the quality of the teeth sealants, they must always be paired with good dental hygiene for adequate protection. 
Read on to find out how teeth can be as beneficial to adults as it can be for kids.

The Science Behind Dental Sealants

The Center for Disease Control has been a strong advocate for the use of teeth sealants among adults. It recently published a report showing that dental sealants can forestall 80% of cavities within two years of their lifespan, and up to 50% for the rest of their lifespan. According to the report, a tooth sealant can remain adequately effective for as long as nine years on average. 

Dental sealants can, therefore, serve as a protective mechanism against cavities and as a general shock absorber for teeth in kids as well as in adults. 

Generally, teeth sealants are recommended for adults who're more vulnerable to dental problems like fissures, caries, and deep groves. However, teeth sealants are usually recommended as a preventive rather than a restorative measure.

So, anyone who needs to shore up their enamel against the pressures and grindings from everyday use can opt for teeth sealants. 

Still not sure if dental sealants are an ideal dental fixture for you? Call our office today to get industry-best dental recommendations from our seasoned dentists.

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